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Grim Reapers Open Campaign With a 9-0 Win

HCAFC 15th Jan, 2017

Grim Reapers got off to a very strong start in Season 17, by winning their previously postponed game against WAW by 9 goals to 0. It was a very convincing performance where they scored three contenders for Goal of the Week. aguero10 and Styl scored 4 goals each in this game to go joint-top in…

Goals of the Week | Season 17 - Week 1

jerix 14th Jan, 2017

Prediction League: Matchday 2 Thread Open

HCAFC 12th Jan, 2017

The new thread is open! Make your predictions for Matchday 2 (and the postponed game from Tuesday) here:

Rulebook Updated

HCAFC 12th Jan, 2017

The rules of the league and community have been re-written and are now back up. Please have a read, especially if you are new here!


Koekiemonsterx Leads Predictions After Matchday 1

HCAFC 11th Jan, 2017

The prediction league results for Matchday 1 are now in. Koekiemonsterx and HCAFC have opened a gap at the top of the standings after both correctly predicting the BRK 2-0 VC result. The rest of the players predicted between 2 and 3 correct winners.

Matchday 1 Points

8 - Koekiemonsterx
3 - baset