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Reapers Win Season 17 Title with 2 Games Left

HCAFC 10th Mar, 2017

With a win against Breakfast HC, flawless Grim Reapers have sealed the Season 17 title with 2 games to spare. It was a tight game for long periods but two bits of quality from GR at the end of the first half put Reapers 2-0 up thanks to Altidore and Styl. The pair then grabbed…

Goals of the Week | Season 17 - Week 3

jerix 4th Feb, 2017

Grim Reapers Flawless After One Third of the Season

HCAFC 29th Jan, 2017

With a third of the season played, we analyse the performance of each team so far.

At the top of the table, Grim Reapers sit with 5 games played and 5 wins, having scored a massive 47 goals to make up for only having the third best defence in…

Goals of the Week | Season 17 - Week 2

jerix 21st Jan, 2017

Grim Reapers Go Top with 3rd Straight Win

HCAFC 20th Jan, 2017

Grim Reapers have stormed their opening games and now sit at the top of the table. On Tuesday they played their second and third game, having won their opening game 9-0 last week. They repeated the 9-0 scoreline again in their second game against Snow Dogs, with Maradona and Styl proving too much for SD…



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Tracy: Well that's nice that i got banned from the server because im from israel

HCAFC: Tracy, we share that server with another league and we don't have control of their admins, sorry :(

MarioGomez: when your guys gonna put my team in the leag

Styl: HCAFC please add the rec to your report! ^^

HCAFC: omg sorry i forgot :D m

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